Dedicated One-On-One Teaching for Your Photoshop Course

There are a lot of different companies online that are offering you the opportunity to take the Photoshop course, but only the online courses offered by SOLO actually provide you with a dedicated Photoshop tutor who will guide and teach you everything you need to know to become very successful. No longer will you be made to feel like you are being swamped by at least 20 other people who are all fighting for the tutor’s attention. With our Photoshop course you will have the tutor’s complete attention as they will be showing you directly how to use all of the complicated functions and graphic design options the software offers you.

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Just how dedicated is this tutor?

Each person that joins the online Photoshop course through SOLO will be allocated their own personal Photoshop tutor before the course begins. Each tutor is an expert within the graphic design field. They are very successful themselves within the field so they are the perfect person to teach you everything you need to know. When you begin the course the tutor will email you a link which opens a screen sharing window so you can see exactly what the tutor is showing you. This allows live interaction between the student and tutor as if they were in the classroom.

Will the same tutor be with me throughout the entire course?

Unlike other online courses, SOLO ensures that the Photoshop tutor that you are assigned at the beginning of the course is the same tutor who will help you through your final exams in order to gain your diploma.  SOLO provides the best online experience with personalised one-on-one training with a tutor that is dedicated to your success. Our students and their success is extremely important to us because we want to provide each student with the best Photoshop tutor so that they excel in the course and the workplace..