Build a Foundation to Launch your Graphic Design Career

Building a foundation is important for many things in life and this includes your career. Beginning your graphic design career can be a very scary step, but as long as you choose one of the study online Photoshop courses available you will be able to begin building that foundation you need.  Photoshop courses are perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their resume and move into a career in graphic design as a web designer, digital artist, photographer, or fashion designer where knowledge of Photoshop is required. There are not many jobs within the field that do not require a qualification in Photoshop.

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What foundation functions will I be learning?

There are a lot of different functions within the Photoshop programs and depending on the level you have already achieved will depend on which study online Photoshop courses you will take.  Basics include setting up and navigating the workspace, working with imaging tools such as sharpening, cropping and aligning, the layer palette, the quick mask, retouching and enhancing, painting tools, working with the type tools, filter, vector shapes and finally how to add further creativity with edges, frames and hand coloured images and graphics. There is a lot to learn, but with hard work and help from your one-on-one tutor at all times while earning your diploma you can study online Photoshop courses with ease.

Once I take the basics, what can I do next?

Once you have been taught the basic functions of Photoshop, you can take more advanced courses to boost your skills. There are currently three more courses you can take on the Photoshop software which include CS3, CS4 and CS5. You can progress through all the study online Photoshop courses to learn the skills to become a professional graphic designer.